In the introductory class, we will write text based games and learn the fundamentals of creating graphics.

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Will we write games?

We encourage students to bring laptops so that they can practice programming after class. Laptops issued to students from the school district may be used for the class.

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Are computers provided?

Windows 8.1 or above, Mac OSX or above.

4Gb of RAM (or more)

120Gb of Hard drive (or more)


No Chromebooks.


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What are the system requirements for a computer I bring from home?
What if I get stuck?

You can email me at cedarforest7@gmail.com

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Mac OS X or above, Windows 8.1 or above. Python libraries are also available for Linux, but we won't be covering that in the intro course.

What OS versions are supported?

Python is used in Facebook, Instagram and Google web applications. It is also widely used in data analytics and robotics. Python is gaining popularity as a "glue" language that enables programmers to draw on existing code libraries to solve complex problems.

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Who uses Python?